Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jane Eyre, "Miracle Mile/Eliminator"

"Miracle Mile" and "Eliminator" are the kind of songs that I secretly had been hoping Jane Eyre would write. Following up last year's alternative psychedelic dreamscape With Our Thoughts We Make the World, "Miracle Mile" is songwriter Jesse Rifkin's best character study to date, complete with a Cure-worthy melody and a solo that reminds me of Siamese Dream. "Eliminator" takes its name from the classic ZZ Top album, though the song itself bounces between Dischord-inspired hardcore fury and Zeppelinesque verses, kicking the band into their heaviest direction to date. The worst part is that it ends too soon, but you might have a new favorite Brooklyn band by the time you get there.

Both songs are available for free here, with a tip jar.

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