Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Dinner With Anthrax

Even when considering Scott Ian's second career as a VH1 pundit, Anthrax's appearance on Married...with Children is baffling. What did Fox have to gain from a cameo by a thrash metal band with no radio exposure? How many people who bought Persistence of Time had any interest in the Bundy family? By 1992, when this episode aired, Anthrax were writing more challenging songs and had dropped the goofy lyrics that marked their early records. If they wanted to be taken more seriously, this wasn't a good way to go about it.

The jokes are predictable and the acting is cartoonish (save for Christina Applegate, who looks like she's watched a few episodes of Headbanger's Ball), yet I'm ready to watch it all over again. The band can't act well enough to disguise how much fun they're having. "In My World" has not softened with age, and it's still novel to see it "performed" on a major American sitcom. For possibly the only time in their career, Anthrax look like rock gods and not thrash metal underdogs.

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