Friday, March 27, 2015

For Birthday Boy Rifkin

For Birthday Boy Rifkin
  1. The Jesus Lizard, "Boilermaker"
  2. Shining, "I Won't Forget"
  3. Blur, "There's No Other Way"
  4. Janet Jackson, "Rhythm Nation"
  5. Alice Cooper, "Clones (We're All)"
  6. AC/DC, "Riff Raff"
  7. Q-Tip, "Move"
  8. Pailhead, "I Will Refuse"
  9. Goatwhore, "Apocalyptic Havoc"
  10. Marsha Hunt, "(Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day"
  11. Stevie Wonder, "That Girl"
  12. Squeeze, "Goodbye Girl"
  13. Tinie Tempah, "Pass Out"
  14. Shuggie Otis, "Strawberry Letter 23"
  15. Killing Joke, "Requiem"
  16. Bill Withers, "Grandma's Hands"
  17. David Axelrod, "The Human Abstract"
  18. Living Colour, "Solace of You"
  19. Ozzy Osbourne, "No More Tears"
Happy birthday, JR.

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