Sunday, April 19, 2015

Converge, "Homewrecker"

11 Days to Find a Home

I don't know what word Jacob Bannon screams two seconds into "Homewrecker", from the certifiably classic Jane Doe, but I'd rank it with metal's most brutal interjections, up there with Tomas Lindberg's "Go!" in "Slaughter of the Soul" and Ozzy's "Ooh!" in "I Don't Want to Change the World."

What he says doesn't really matter. As with almost every Converge song, it's all but impossible to decipher what Bannon is screaming. Not that his lyrics don't matter--they do, and are often quite good. But as with Frank Zappa or Mike Patton, there's more of an emphasis on the sounds of the words and the vocal melodies than the lyrics themselves. Even without being able to comprehend the words, I'd rank Bannon with young Henry Rollins as one of the world's most ferocious frontmen, "Homewrecker" being a prime example.

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