Thursday, March 26, 2015

Immortal, "Withstand the Fall of Time"

I'm sorry to see that Immortal is breaking up again. Yes, they were silly, and yes they'll probably get back together at some point, but it was fun to know they were always out their, mugging and posing like a black metal Kiss.

Immortal were best appreciated from the stage, freed from the miserable production of their records and the self-seriousness of the genre. Smoke, lights, ridiculous banter and best of all, songs like "Withstand the Fall of Time", from 1999's At the Heart of Winter, defined Immortal in all their kvlt galore. "Epic" may be the most overused word on the internet these days, particularly as an adjective, but "Withstand the Fall of Time" owns it in both the poetic and the entertaining sense.

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