Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "She's On It"

Outside of 90s alternative crowds, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are probably best known for their covers, getting a bigger paycheck for recording "Right Place Wrong Time" for a major movie soundtrack or "Black Betty" for a car commercial than they ever did for "Wail" or "Bellbottoms." As the White Stripes would later prove, that blues-punk sound could cross over to the mainstream more easily than Spencer's psychotic blues-wigger mannerisms and scuzz-punk leanings.

Judging from their secret show at Union Pool this week, they are no more likely to tone it down than they were in the Clinton years. Jon still never breaks character and yells "Blues Explosion!", "That's right baby!" and "Thankyouverymuch!" approximately three times per song. And the band still does an ace cover, demonstrated in their finale of the Beastie Boys' pre-Licensed to Ill single "She's On It" blended with Link Wray's "Jack the Ripper."

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