Friday, February 7, 2014

Julie Christmas, "If You Go Away"

Where did Julie Christmas go? After the chilling The Bad Wife in 2010, she's had barely any new songs or performances. Her unforgettable band Made out of Babies split up. John LaMacchia, her Bad Wife producer and collaborator, is now at work on a new Candiria album. When will we hear more from Julie?

Until then, I will treasure The Bad Wife. Even though the melody is the same, it took me two listens to realize that "If You Go Away" is "Ne Me Quitte Pas," a Jacques Brel standard that I'd previously only known through Nina Simone's version. The lyrics beg, but in Christmas' hands it becomes a threat, like the kind of thing that she'd sing to a guy she'd already locked in her basement. Whoever she's singing about should think about moving.


Rachel said...

Ha! It's that rare moment when I know something music related that you don't. I clearly listen to a lot more Dusty Springfield than you do. English until 1:35 when she switches to French:

Ben Apatoff said...

I actually know that version too! I wiki-holed "If You Go Away" after I bought The Bad Wife and I adore Dusty's version. It arguably redeems Jacques Brel for also writing "Seasons in the Sun."

In any case, you're still my favorite Dusty Springfield expert.