Friday, January 31, 2014

Alice Cooper, "Is it My Body?"

Kim Gordon has an essay collection called Is it My Body? out now, released the same month that her ex-husband Thurston Moore named the Alice Cooper track as one of his 38 favorite songs.

It's a weird song for sure, not as well-remembered as "School's Out" or "No More Mr. Nice Guy." But I like how accidentally weird it is. After two poorly-received albums, Alice aimed for hits on Love it to Death, hiring producer Bob Ezrin and narrowing down the psychedelia of his earlier work. Yet even when he's trying to write a hit, he gives every verse a different vocal melody and sounds like he's made up the chorus on the spot. If he had been weird on purpose (like "Welcome to My Nightmare") or written a successful pop song (like "Poison,") I doubt Kim Gordon would have named her book after it.

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