Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Andrew W. K., "Party Hard"

Excerpted from The Perks of Being a Campaigner, out now on Nightrain Books. 

Come to my birthday party!

September 16, 2012
Dear friends,

Yes, it's true. Despite the best efforts of the NYC Department of Education, a couple of knife-wielding muggers and one really big dog, I am on track to turn 29 this week. I hope that you'll all join me in celebration, with some of my favorite people.

This Tuesday, we'll be playing Recruit the Volunteer right outside the Bedford L stop. Party favors will include loaned clipboards, voter registration forms, pens and I'm In cards. The fun starts at 6pm, RSVP here!

Since Duyen rocks like nobody's business, we're playing another round of Recruit the Volunteer this Wednesday, September 19th. This one starts at 7pm, so you nighthawks have no excuse. RSVP here.

Proof that a Brooklyn party doesn't stop, Seiji, Cheryl and Annie are inviting us back to Grand Street for team festivities this Thursday, September 20th. We'll play the Game of Phones from 7pm-9pm, and the winners get to decide who is in charge of the next four years of Supreme Court appointees. RSVP here!

In adherence to the proverb that when it's time to party we will party hard, we are marauding down to Pennsylvania this weekend for two days of Get Out the Vote madness.

You can come Saturday, September 22nd or Sunday, September 23rd.

If you can't pick a day, come to both.

Questions? Suggestions? Space for our next team meetings and phone banks? Book recommendations? Bring 'em on. Looking forward to kicking out the jams with all of you this week.

Barack the party,

PS> Oh hey there, Williamsburg/Greenpoint for Obama Facebook page!

Will you be our friend?

(Thanks, Duyen!)

The rest is available here.

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