Friday, October 18, 2013

As the Palaces Burn

Lamb of God's upcoming film As the Palaces Burn probably won't reach a wide audience. Like most music films, it will almost certainly be sought out by the fans and avoided by everyone else. It also has the bad timing (and poor naming choice) to be released around the time of the reissue of the album it's named after, meaning that even dedicated music fans will probably dismiss it as a self-congratulatory band doc.

That's too bad, because As the Palaces Burn looks pretty extraordinary, documenting the year of Randy Blythe still mind-blowing imprisonment and manslaughter trial. One doesn't have to be an LOG fan, or even a metalhead to amazed by the story, which will hopefully give some comfort to the band and the victim's family in documentary form. For the rest of us, it may provide the definitive case against stage diving, along with a depiction of one of the 21st century's most pulverizing artistic forces. I'm hoping that As the Palaces Burn gets a theatrical release.

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