Saturday, September 21, 2013

Metalheads of the Day: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Earlier this week, I saw The Book of Mormon. Keeping spoilers to a minimum, I'll write that it is  wonderful, and that it had one scene that reminded me of its creators' metal leanings. In honor of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I'm celebrating six of South Park's most metal moments.

1. "Chef Aid," 1998

For one of their earliest episodes, the duo drafted an all-star cast for a show revolving around TV's most lovable cafeteria cook. Ozzy Osbourne makes an appearance that you'll remember long after you forget the song he plays, which features DMX, ODB, The Crystal Method and something called Fuzzbubble.

2. South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, 1999

See if you can recognize the voice that tells Kenny he's going to Hell.

3. "Die Hippie, Die," 2005

Like R. Crumb before them, Parker and Stone's work is often enjoyed by hippie types who embrace it as counterculture without realizing how conservative much of it is. South Park even dedicated an entire episode to mocking hippie culture, with Cartman enlisting Slayer's best album to drive them away.

4. "Major Boobage," 2008

Parker and Stone's spot on parody of 1981's Heavy Metal employs much of the original film's soundtrack, almost identical animation and an even funnier script. Stream the whole thing here.

5. Rush video intro, 2010

After lovingly mocking them for years (dating back to Orgazmo), Parker and Stone honored the world's best Canadian band with an intro video for "Tom Sawyer."

6. "Crack Baby Athletic Association," 2011

In one of South Park's greatest subplots, the kids are shocked to learn that Slash might not be real. The ending is better than any Christmas movie that isn't Die Hard.

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