Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Natalie asked me for a metal mix. I know that she enjoys Loretta Lynn, the White Stripes and Marilyn Manson, so I took it from there.

  1. Metallica, "Battery"
  2. Nine Inch Nails, "Wish"
  3. Goatwhore, "Apocalyptic Havoc"
  4. Torche, "Healer"
  5. Motörhead, "Ace of Spades"
  6. Judas Priest, "Breaking the Law"
  7. Lamb of God, "Now You've Got Something to Die For"
  8. Living Colour, "Cult of Personality"
  9. Anthrax, "Got the Time"
  10. Black Sabbath, "The Mob Rules"
  11. Monster Magnet, "Power Trip"
  12. Iron Maiden, "The Number of the Beast"
  13. High on Fire, "Rumors of War"
  14. Deftones, "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)"
  15. Ministry, "Jesus Built My Hotrod
  16. Suicidal Tendencies, "You Can't Bring Me Down"
  17. Rage Against the Machine, "Guerilla Radio"
  18. Gojira, "Vacuity"
  19. Slayer, "Angel of Death"
  20. Converge, "Last Light"
I tried to sequence Metalie around an ideal jukebox night at the Lucky 13 Saloon. You come for your hits--your "Ace of Spades," "Breaking the Law" and "The Number of the Beast." But you stick around to find out that there's an American death metal band that rocks like Goatwhore, or to remember that the best Dio-era Black Sabbath song was on the Heavy Metal soundtrack.

I also took a few cues from Natalie's sister, whom I've known to teach Suicidal Tendencies in her classroom and throw horns to Monster Magnet outside of it. I've even included a few songs from a mix I made for Natalie's sister, most notably the Metallica/Nine Inch Nails combo that kicks things off. I wanted to try something new, but couldn't resist the way that the two sound together, or think of many bands that stand up next to either of them. They didn't become the great crossover metal and industrial artists by accident. In any case, consider Metalie a Sister Mix to her sister's mix.

But Natalie is her own lass, and she gets her own songs. I'm hoping that the Torche, Gojira and High on Fire tracks are all winning endorsements for modern metal. Maybe Natalie will hear Jeff Hanneman's immortality in "Angel of Death" and a Lamb of God song that wouldn't exist without him. Maybe this mix will provide endless headbanging delights, or maybe she'll forehand it into the garbage by the time she gets to "Guerilla Radio." But if that isn't metal, I'll eat my Motörhead box set.


M said...

I used to love making a mixed tape (or CDs later on) for friends back in the day but there was always that sense of apprehension that they would hate my choices.

Ben Apatoff said...

I get that too sometimes, but I end up making them anyway. How else could I learn that my mom would like an Ozzy song?