Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sounds of Summer

Sounds of Summer
  1. Alice Cooper, "School's Out"
  2. Deftones, "My Own Summer (Shove It)"
  3. The Dillinger Escape Plan, "43% Burnt"
  4. Queens of the Stone Age, "Feel Good Hit of the Summer"
  5. Mastodon, "Naked Burn"
  6. AC/DC, "Heatseeker"
  7. Judas Priest, "Hot Rockin'"
  8. Soilwork, "The Flameout"
  9. Meshuggah, "Soul Burn"
  10. Blue Öyster Cult, "This Ain't the Summer of Love"
  11. Ministry, "Burning Inside"
  12. Rage Against the Machine, "Sleep Now in the Fire"
  13. Anthrax, "Celebrated Summer"
  14. Blue Cheer, "Summertime Blues"
  15. KISS, "Hotter Than Hell"
  16. Megadeth, "Sweating Bullets"
  17. SikTh, "Summer Rain"
  18. King's X, "Summerland"
  19. Van Halen, "On Fire" 
  20. Jane's Addiction, "Summertime Rolls"

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