Saturday, June 22, 2013

Metallica on The Sopranos

Right up their with its cast and its script, one thing that made The Sopranos incredible was its music choices. From Alabama 3's unforgettable theme to David Chase's hand-picked garage rock and doo-wop, the show inspired me to look up its soundtrack after nearly every episode. You knew you weren't going to hear "Bad to the Bone" or "I Got You (I Feel Good)."

Not many people would think of Metallica as "incidental music," but I love the way it works here, setting the mood when we first see Tony and then dropping into the ominous background once Silvio closes the door. The conversation is terse enough for us to get the song, "The Memory Remains," yet piercing enough to control the scene. Not a lot of mortals can go up against Metallica without getting overwhelmed, but James Gandolfini was one of them.

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