Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twenty Questions

Inspired by this, via Tim.

Twenty Questions
  1. Megadeth, "Peace Sells"
  2. Strapping Young Lad, "Love?"
  3. Iron Maiden, "Can I Play With Madness"
  4. Sikth, "Where Do We Fall?"
  5. Bad Brains, "How Low Can a Punk Get"
  6. AC/DC, "What Do You Do for Money Honey"
  7. Diamond Head, "Am I Evil?
  8. Stormtroopers of Death, "What's That Noise?" 
  9. Metallica, "So What"
  10. Black Sabbath, "Who Are You?"
  11. Alice in Chains, "Would?"
  12. Dysrhythmia, "Will the Spirit Prevail?"
  13. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, "What Shall We Do Without Us?"
  14. Ministry, "So What"
  15. Suicidal Tendencies, "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow"
  16. Deftones, "What Happened to You?"
  17. Living Colour, "What's Your Favorite Color?"
  18. Van Halen, "Could This Be Magic?"
  19. KISS, "Do You Love Me?"
  20. Led Zeppelin, "How Many More Times"

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