Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Bloody Valentine

Most of you celebrated My Bloody Valentine's Day early this year, with one of alt-metal's biggest influences releasing their first album in 22 years two weeks ago. But how many of you have seen the 1981 cult horror classic from which Kevin Shields took his band's name?

My Bloody Valentine is the best slasher film to never be exhausted, flogged and parodied by sequels, although it did inspire a weak 3D remake and a Denise Richards vehicle that shamelessly stole its basic premise. But on its own, MBV is creative enough to make you squirm and campy enough for laughs. It honors the usual slasher movie tropes (30-year-old actors playing teenagers getting slaughtered by a character from an old urban legend), creates a few new ones (In a mine shaft! In a laundromat!) and was once named by Quentin Tarantino as his all-time favorite slasher film. It's also streaming on Netflix Instant today.


Patience Meliora Blythe said...

My Bloody Valentine, a few years ago, on their reunion tour, was one of the BEST shows I have ever been to! It was so loud at the end that my clothes were vibrating. Pretty cool.....awesome blog, Ben!!!

Ben Apatoff said...

Thanks, Patience, great to see you here! I was lucky to catch their reunion tour as well, which may have been the loudest experience of my life.