Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bar-B-Que Movie

Bill and Ted 3 buzz has some people wondering what Alex Winter has been up to since his Bogus Journey. If you were alive in 1993, maybe you remember that he starred in and directed Freaked, the best ever movie about talking, walking, machine gun-toting Rastafarian eyeballs. But thanks to YouTube, Winter's most enduring directorial work would be Bar-B-Que Movie, a 1988 short about a family vacation starring the Butthole Surfers.

That's future Oscar nominee John Hawkes (Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, Winter's Bone) as the dad.

Even over ten minutes, Bar-B-Que Movie wears thin, although film buffs should note that its "found footage" style predates Man Bites Dog, The Blair Witch Project, REC and Paranormal Activity. Still, it has some funny lines, and of course it's worth watching for the Surfers' performance. Something was not right with those guys.

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