Thursday, November 15, 2012

Richardpalooza 2012

When I first met Richard, he almost exclusively listened to hip-hop, world music and female singer-songwriters. At the time, I wasn't touching anything that wasn't punk, metal or in the Spin Alternative Record Guide. We've gotten closer since then.

Richardpalooza 2012
  1. Green Day, "American Idiot"
  2. Metallica, "Fuel"
  3. Electric Six, "Danger! High Voltage"
  4. Depeche Mode, "Personal Jesus"
  5. Das Racist, "You Oughta Know"
  6. Stevie Wonder, "Boogie on Reggae Woman"
  7. Beastie Boys, "So What'cha Want"
  8. Tinie Tempah, "Pass Out"
  9. Booker T. & the M.G.'s, "Green Onions"
  10. The Clash, "Guns of Brixton"
  11. Shuggie Otis, "Strawberry Letter 23"
  12. Sneaker Pimps, "Six Underground"
  13. Curtis Mayfield, "Freddie's Dead (Theme From Superfly)"
  14. Motörhead, "Orgasmatron"
  15. Public Enemy, "Can't Truss It"
  16. The Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner"
  17. R.L. Burnside, "My Eyes (Keep Me in Trouble)"
  18. Janet Jackson, "Love Will Never Do (Without You)"
  19. Bill Withers, "Grandma's Hands"
  20. Jimmy Cliff, "Many Rivers to Cross"
  21. Elvis Costello, "Watching the Detectives"
5 intro songs to artists that I think he might like but hasn't heard.
3 songs we rocked out to in college.
3 songs that I'm pretty sure he likes but doesn't own. 
2 songs from the birthday mix our cohort Kate gave me this year.
2 fake reggae songs.
1 actual reggae song.
1 song urging a reggae woman to boogie on.
1 song from a movie we saw together.
1 song we saw performed live.
1 song that samples a James Bond movie score.

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