Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Soundtrack

For Barack Obama: Judas Priest's "United"

British Steel is best-known for "Living After Midnight" and "Breaking the Law," but the third single, "United," is the most National Anthem-worthy metal song ever recorded. The rousing chorus and patriotic theme would make it a perfect campaign song for the President. Republicans would probably squawk about it being written and performed by a non-American band, but then again, most of them also don't think Rob Halford should be allowed to get married.

For Mitt Romney: Metallica's "Breadfan"

Budgie's depiction of a scrooge was revamped on a Metallica's "Eye of the Beholder" b-side, perfected with a key change and tighter, more aggressive breakdown. Hear it as a censure of trickle-down economics, and you have a clearer interpretation of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's $5 trillion tax cut than either of them have offered thus far.


Ellen said...

Ben Apatoff is the reason Obama got re-elected. I am listening to United and so proud! Rock on forever Ben.

Ben Apatoff said...

You're too kind! United, united, united we stand.