Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Other F Word

Even if Warped Tour bands leave you cold, or if you can't tell the difference between Black Flag and Blink 182, you'll find something to like about The Other F Word.

Directed by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins and distributed by Oscilloscope (Adam Yauch's company), The Other F Word follows Fat Mike, Lars Frederiksen, Jim Lindberg and several other punk rock dads while they balance their anti-authority principles with their authoritative new roles as parents. Watching conspicuously pierced and tattooed dudes taking their kids to the park and singing "Wheels on the Bus" should be a novelty, but thankfully the film never gets sappy. Instead, we get a thoughtful look at punk rock growing up, told with respect for both the genre and the families.

I love this clip with Flea and his daughter, Clara. I've been following the Red Hot Chili Peppers for long enough to know what a smart guy he is, but hearing him talk about "the classic parent attitude" vs. his own gave me a new level of respect for him. What a champ.

Mall-punks will watch the trailer and assume that this is an anti-punk, pro-families doctrine. They can stick to Hot Topic while the rest of us enjoy The Other F Word. Stream the full movie below:


InterLibraryLoan said...

Finally saw this! It seems like Flea cloned his daughter. She looks like a younger version of him wearing a wig.

this was cute too:


Ben Apatoff said...

Glad you saw it! And thanks for sharing the outtake, I'd missed that.