Monday, April 13, 2015

Pearl Jam, "Drifting"

17 Days to Find a Home

Pearl Jam or otherwise, this is one of the loveliest songs I can think of. It's all Vedder, not on any of their studio albums (it debuted as a b-side on their annual fan club holiday 7") and barely ever played live, making it almost as much of a loner as its narrator. Yet I'd take it over the last 20 years of indie folk, plus everything on Vedder's solo albums, the underrated Into the Wild soundtrack and the perfectly rated Ukelele Songs.

I was pleased to see "Drifting" anthologized on PJ's excellent outtakes record, Lost Dogs, and thrilled to see the liner notes included personal, detailed accounts from individual band members about each of the songs. I flipped to ahead to "Drifting" and read the full description:

EDDIE: Sometimes I wonder why there isn't a Teepees-R-Us.

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