Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Song of the Day: Link Wray, "Batman Theme"

"Heavy metal would not exist without Led Zeppelin, and if it did, it would suck," Dave Grohl once said. Jimmy Page would probably have similar words for his influence, Link Wray.

I love this scene from It Might Get Loud, where Page can't contain the excitement he gets from "Rumble," Link Wray's most famous work. Even the gods get giddy.

In 1966, at the peak of the Adam West craze, Wray recorded the classic Caped Crusader theme, written by Neal Hefti. That's Link's kid brother as Dick Grayson.

Robin and the "sound effects" get in the way, just as they did on the show, but no one can be trusted with the twelve bar blues more than Link Wray, whose tones give the song the edge it deserves. Until Prince in 1989, no guitarist gave a better tribute to Gotham City's favorite son.

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