Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Appetite for Destruction: "You're Crazy"

If two people tell you you're crazy, seek help. If Axl Rose tells you You're Crazy, you might be a lost cause.

"You're Crazy" is the heaviest song on Appetite for Destruction, a more concentrated shot of the band's punk roots than any of the punk songs that they covered. For some people, that grit is what separates GNR from Rock of Ages.

The charged version of "You're Crazy" is perfect for its spot on Appetite, where it's a blast of angry ruckus to change the mood back from "Sweet Child O' Mine." Still, there's an even creepier, unplugged version on G N' R Lies. The band all sound like they're succumbing to cabin fever as the tape rolls.

Yet my favorite version of "You're Crazy" is performed live, where Lies' gloom meets Appetite's aggression in a bloozey groove worthy of the Rolling Stones.

Hear how the song loses none of its venom at a different pace or a lower volume. How many other hard rock and metal bands could pull off stunts like this? If the Black Crowes ever heard "You're Crazy," they'd give up.

"You don't want my love, you want satisfaction," hisses Axl. These days, he's probably so used to getting his way that it seems crazy when he doesn't. But on "You're Crazy," he was just another guy who broke Nelson Algren's third rule of life.

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