Sunday, April 1, 2012

Song of the Day: King's X, "April Showers"

Another day, another reason to listen to King's X.

I usually don't like "Best of" albums, especially when they try to summarize a band as multifaceted as King's X. I particularly can't stand it when such albums lure in completists with a couple of new songs. But with King's X always being the exception, I adore both 1997's Best of King's X and said album's "new" songs, "Lover" and "April Showers."

I tend to wince at anything that can be described as "funky," but this song's heavy rhythm and throbbing groove always puts me in a good mood. The optimistic lyrics, instantly singable chorus and scat-like breakdown give it almost a nursery rhyme's feel, but Ty Tabor's wah-wah rocks hard enough to keep it from cloying. All in all, a sweet little number from a band that always makes me feel like summer's almost here.

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