Sunday, April 29, 2012

Architecture in Hell EP

Following up on my Döctor's Örders CD, an architect friend of mine asked me about songs honoring her profession. As far as I know, there aren't many, but the ones that exist could wreak whiplash on Frank Lloyd Wright.

Architecture in Hell EP
  1. Goatwhore, "Death to the Architects of Heaven"
  2. High on Fire, "Madness of an Architect"
  3. Megadeth, "Architecture of Aggression"
  4. Septicflesh, "Mad Architect"
  5. Black Sabbath, "Spiral Architect"
The Goatwhore and High on Fire tracks arrive from two of 2012's best records, and Greece's Septicflesh give death metal a symphonic spin on a standout from their most recent album. But my favorite songs are the older ones, a pair of underloved album tracks from two must-own metal releases. Megadeth's "Architecture of Aggression" is a perfect blend of Megadeth's thrash prowess and hard rock capabilities on Countdown to Extinction. "Spiral Architect," the closer from Black Sabbath's mind-numbingly underrated Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, shows Sabbath at their friendliest, complete with major key verses and ascendant strings. It's a lovely song, but also kind of like watching a G-rated David Lynch movie.

Download here: Architecture in Hell EP


Rachel said...

ironically, as I read this, architecture in helsinki came on. Not metal, sure, but still relevant, no?

Ben Apatoff said...

Eerie coincidences are metal.