Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Döctor's Örders

Some friends and I were recently making doctor jokes around our buddy Malcolm, who actually is one. This is how I learned that he had never heard the song "Dr. Feelgood."

What could I do?

Döctor's Örders
  1. Motörhead, "Doctor Rock"
  2. Mötley Crüe, "Dr. Feelgood"
  3. Ted Nugent, "Just What the Doctor Ordered"
  4. The Who, "There's a Doctor"
  5. Van Halen, "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"
  6. The Beatles, "Doctor Robert"
  7.  Sleater-Kinney, "Call the Doctor"
  8. Metallica, "Crash Course in Brain Surgery"
  9. Black Sabbath, "Rock 'n' Roll Doctor"
  10. Cypress Hill, "Dr. Greenthumb"
  11. Harry Nilsson, "Coconut"
  12. Minutemen, "Dr. Wu"
  13. Guided by Voices, "Surgical Focus"
  14. KISS, "Calling Dr. Love"
  15. The Rolling Stones, "Dear Doctor"
  16. Spacemen 3, "Call the Doctor"
  17. Blue Cheer, "Doctor Please"
  18. Dr. Dre, "The Doctor's Office"
  19. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, "Babydoctor"
  20. "Weird Al" Yankovic, "Like a Surgeon"
There's an abundance of doctors in music, so this mix is limited to doctor songs and not necessarily artists. Sorry, MDs John, Hook, Octagon and Teeth.

Up until now, I'd never realized how many hard rock doctors are in existence. Mötley Crüe is the most obvious choice, but my favorite is Motörhead's, who turn in arguably their best-ever lyrics on "Dr. Rock" ("We sure ain't talkin' Dr. Spock.") "Somebody Get Me a Doctor" is a great underrated Van Halen song, and "Calling Dr. Love" is as much as anyone can enjoy from the reliably disgusting Gene Simmons.

One of my favorite mix tricks is picking out underappreciated songs from universally adored albums. Thus, we get deep cuts from Revolver, Beggar's Banquet and Tommy, all of which show how far those records go. Even 24 seconds of the Who tops most bands that aren't the Stones or the Beatles.

As much as I worship Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, their albums are too constructed to imagine any of the songs out of context, especially a 14-minute centerpiece like"Babydoctor." I'm still not satisfied with how it sounds here, although I like the song too much to not include it. For contrast I've included "The Doctor's Office," easily the most worthless track on The Chronic, but working here as an offbeat surprise mixed with the CD's artsiest songs and Weird Al.
    Finally, I have now included Cypress Hill's "Dr. Greenthumb" on two mixes in two months. So much for my college education.

    Download here: Döctor's Örders

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