Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Muffs, "Weird Boy Next Door"

Don't feel bad for Kim Shattuck. After being brought in for the Pixies' tour as the best possible replacement for Kim Deal, Shattuck was ingloriously kicked out before she could put her prints on the band's new recordings. Pixies' loss, as Shattuck's comeback record with the Muffs wipes the floor with Black Francis and co.'s toothless Indie Cindy.

Kicking off the perfectly-titled Whoop Dee Doo, "Weird Boy Next Door" is as instant as anything the Muffs have recorded, or any rock music I heard in 2014. Pop-punk has been played out since Woodstock '94, but it's a blast to hear Shattuck play it louder and gnarlier than ever on an ode to someone she should probably stop thinking about.

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