Thursday, January 16, 2014

Anthrax & Public Enemy, "Bring the Noise"

Excerpted from The Perks of Being a Campaigner, out now on Nightrain Books. 

Power to the People and the Beats
July 27, 2012
SCENE: A Gowanus bar patio, 1130pm on a Thursday.


EVAN OAKLEY: Ball-capped Park Slope for Obama Organizer
BEN APATOFF: Bed-headed Williamsburg for Obama Organizer

BEN: Hey Evan, did you hear about this free Public Enemy show at Wingate Field on Brooklyn Ave between Rutland and Winthrop this Monday, July 30 at 730pm?
EVAN: I did! And did you know that Salt-n-Pepa is also playing?
BEN: No way! "Whatta man, whatta man!"
EVAN: "Mighty mighty good man!"
BEN: We should go, after work! How do we get there?
EVAN: It's right off the 2 train to Winthrop St, just 2 blocks away from the subway.
BEN: Awesome, let's do it!
EVAN: We should invite some more folks!
BEN: Yeah, let's post it on MyBO with an RSVP link. Then we could bring some I'm In cards and voter registration forms, and sneak in some canvassing before the show!
EVAN: Actually, I would feel better about being there and contributing something other than awkwardly militant dance moves.
BEN: That's a great quote! Let me write that down for the e-mail tomorrow. (Whips out a pen and scribbles on a pulpboard coaster.)
EVAN: What would the MyBO post look like?
BEN: Like this.
EVAN: Awesome! Let's invite the folks who will be joining us in PA this Saturday!
BEN: Yes! And let's also invite anyone who shows up to our team meeting this Sunday, 7pm-9pm at Ann and Jason's place in Williamsburg, right off the L/G train.
EVAN: Great idea! But what if people get lost or have questions?
BEN: Then they can call me or shoot me an e-mail.
EVAN: Perfect! Let's get another beer.
BEN: I like the way you think.

The rest is available here.

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