Monday, June 17, 2013

Jani Lane and "Cherry Pie"

"I first published the novella A Clockwork Orange in 1962, which ought to be far enough in the past for it to be erased from the world’s literary memory. It refuses to be erased, however, and for this the film version of the book made by Stanley Kubrick may be held chiefly responsible. I should myself be glad to disown it for various reasons, but this is not permitted. I receive mail from students who try to write theses about it, or requests from Japanese dramaturges to turn it into a sort of Noh play. It seems likely to survive, while other works of mine that I value more bite the dust. This is not an unusual experience for an artist. Rachmaninoff used to groan because he was known mainly for a Prelude in C Sharp Minor which he wrote as a boy, while the works of his maturity never got into the programmes. Kids cut their pianistic teeth on a minuet in G which Beethoven composed only so that he could detest it. I have to go on living with A Clockwork Orange, and this means I have a sort of authorial duty to it."
-Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange Resucked

"Cherry Pie" by Warrant is such a colossally annoying song that I'm hesitant to bring it up. But it bothered no one more than its writer, the late Jani Lane. Watching a fatter, balding Lane tell VH1 about how "Cherry Pie" ruined his life is sadly affecting and almost inexplicably funny. In some ways, this video redeems Lane, who spent his last tours promising crowds that they'd hear "Cherry Pie" if they sat through some of his new songs first. This short interview stands as his greatest, if not his most seen, artistic statement.

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