Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ten Metal Bands to See Before You Die: Daikaiju

I have a friend in the music business who perhaps goes to more metal shows than anyone I've met. He's at nearly every New York City area metal show, usually near the back working on his phone or taping for his web site, either of which holds more interest to him than seeing Lamb of God for the 30th time. I almost didn't believe him when he told me that a band I'd never heard of had completely blown his mind in a small club, but I knew I'd be catching their next show.

The closest I've come to summarizing the experience, over hours of gushing to various friends, is "surf rock from outer space performed by the Joker's henchmen." But that still doesn't feel accurate. Daikaiju's music has a brutality that most surf rock avoids, plus a hookiness that you don't expect to hear in math rock. What if mimes weren't annoying? What if rockabilly-metal bands knew more than three chords? What if four guys who didn't talk, sing or play anything you knew kept you completely entranced, to the point where when one of them stole your beer and dumped it on his head you applauded?

With a band like KISS, the original Kabuki-rockers, one would almost be surprised if they didn't knock your socks off--songs you love, flying, fire-breathing, blood-spitting and explosions are an almost guaranteed success. But what Daikaiju does is much harder, and I've rarely seen any band, megastars or not, put on such a commanding show. Both theatrical and spontaneous, it makes for one of the most interactive shows you'll ever see. Maybe this time they'll motion the audience onto the stage and play instrumental Rush covers from the audience. Maybe they'll start dancing with you, give away their instruments and somehow keep the songs going. Maybe you'll see them every time they come back to your area and check their web site for updates almost daily. I know I do.

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