Monday, December 17, 2012

Song of the Day, Marginal Man, "Marginal Man"

From Buzzfeed:

"Indeed, it was (Daniel) Inouye who encouraged his son Kenny — who played in Marginal Man, one of DC’s most influential golden era hardcore punk bands — to take up music.

Punk may not have been the elder Inouye's speed, but in 1984 he went to the legendary 930 club on F St NW to watch Marginal Man perform with a line up of other hardcore bands. Inouye, ever the defender of fairness and equality, refused to cut the line, opting to stand in the cold with the assorted skinheads, dreds and other punk rock kids until the doors of the club opened.

Inouye was even a part owner of a record label that was set up produce Marginal Man’s records, making him by far the most punk rock senator in American history."

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