Friday, December 7, 2012

Song of the Day: Harvey Milk, "Motown"

Indie-rock critics fawned over Harvey Milk, while most of the public ignored them. Their records struck me as more interesting than good, and I actually like this interview wherein the band members trash their entire discography more than most of their actual music. However, their songs were always worth a few listens. With the band casually announcing their indefinite hiatus this week, I'm giving them another spin.

"Motown," from 2008's Life...The Best Game in Town sounds great on a mix tape. Music appropriation has been run into the ground by the G. Loves of the world, then parodied to death by its Daniel Clowes' and Jon Spencers. But Harvey Milk did something bolder--they parodied the actual source. The stoned melody and harmonies sound like they're skewering classic Motown here, taking on something universally revered and hammering it with a deranged, Melvins-worthy sludge. Whoever is playing that solo sounds like he learned everything he knows from KISS' Alive II. Glorious.

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