Monday, November 12, 2012

Song of the Day: Queens of the Stone Age, "A Song for the Dead"

Thrilled to hear that Dave Grohl is going to be drumming on the new Queens of the Stone Age CD. After the underwhelming Era Vulgaris and a five year break between studio albums, suddenly I'm ecstatic at the thought of seeing the Queens again.

With Nick Oliveri apparently never coming back, Grohl is the perfect madcap foil for Josh Homme's laconic persona. I love the fills that Grohl provided on 2002's Songs for the Deaf, particularly when matched against Homme's car alarm main riff in "A Song for the Dead." Grohl really has no cues to do anything at all here, yet his irrepressible tendencies end up carrying the song. That ultramelodic sensibility that everybody knows the Foo Fighters for is even better served behind a drum kit than leading a band.

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