Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Song of the Day: Megadeth, "Foreclosure of a Dream"

Thank you, Dave Mustaine, for constantly finding new ways to make right-wingers sound as stupid as most metalheads assume they are, and for making metalheads sound as stupid as most right-wingers assume they are.

In case you've forgotten why people used to care about his ideas, here's Megadeth taking on Reaganomics and anticipating the subprime mortgage crisis with "Foreclosure of a Dream," off 1992's Countdown to Extinction. Mustaine, usually the Lou Reed of metal vocals, does his career-best singing here, with unusually simple (but still ingratiating) music to put his platform at the forefront of the tune. I still love hearing how the main progression locks in with the vocal melody. What happened to this guy?

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