Monday, July 23, 2012

Metal Goes to the Movies

My mom sent me this post from Adult Swim's web site about covers of classic movie and TV show themes found on the internet. The whole article is worth a read and listen, but here's a sample for you headbangers:

Back to the Future

The soaring progressions of the Back to the Future theme (performed by someone calling himself russfuckingallen) lend themselves perfectly to a power metal interpretation. The instruments are clearly programmed, which makes me hope that someone (hopefully Blind Guardian and not Dragonforce) covers it live, but it's still a fun listen. Favorite YouTuber comment: "eardrums? where we're going, we don't need eardrums."


Secret Chief 3's cover is more imaginative, but I like how this guy CeatBeat arranged it, despite his silly accompanying video. Still easily the best theme that a director ever wrote for his own movie.

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