Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Song of the Day: Sigh, "Purgatorium"

What is it about Sigh that fascinates us Americans? Is it their frequent and bizarre press releases claiming to drink cow's blood and record their songs in the nude? The mystifying sound clips that adorn their records? The fact that the first letter from each of their albums spells "S-I-G-H-S-I-G-H-S-I" when chronologically ordered? The presence of the lovely, saxophone-wielding Dr. Mikannibal and her scary vocals? Scary bandleader Mirai Kawashima and his lovely vocals?

For some of us, it's that they really mean it. Black metal is famous for promoting goofiness with a straight face, but few artists are as seriously silly as Sigh.

Case in point, "Purgatorium," the first song from Sigh's new album In Somniphobia. Barking orders over a tune that suggests Dragonforce minus solos, Sigh promise all sorts of indecipherable brutality. An organ is hamming it up while someone else sounds like they forgot to turn off a video game. As the band has evolved from strictly black metal into something more avant-garde, the only consistency is that each new release sounds like it was recorded in Satan's bathroom.

Getting past the production, "Purgatorium" is catchy and weird enough to keep Sigh among black metal's elite. Must be all the cow's blood.

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